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Wedding in the Liblice Chateau

The romantic Liblice (Baroque) Chateau  is in only 40 km from Prague, and as clearly from the name it is executed in Baroque style. After recent full reconstruction the castle took the present magnificent form and now gives to all visitors the unique atmosphere of the 17th century which is combining with luxury modern comfort. Wedding ceremony takes place in the amazing hall decorated with marble, a gold list and a stucco molding, and  magnificent live music will complete the atmosphere – the present fairy tale of which you could  only dream! After the ceremony you can enjoy romantic walk through the French garden decorated with magnificent park sculptures and blossoming beds.

Ceremony type: Civil / Symbolic / Religious
Capacity: up to 100 guests
Ceremony days: Any day of the week
Ceremony duration: 25 min
The ceremony is held in the Czech language with simultaneous translation into English.

“We want to express vast gratitude to the organizers and everyone who participated and was present on this important for us day! We are very glad our choice was received exactly by your agency, despite some difficulties originating during organization, compromise was always found, thanks to which this event occurred. Everything was in time, qualitatively and even just like it was planned what is importantly this day as the mood of bridegroom and bride and their memory about this day directly depended on it. Dear Andrei and Anna, as well as the rest of the team which took direct participation, we want to wish your agency the further creative and financial development… Read more

Mari & AndrewWedding date: 18/08/2015

„Good evening!Our wedding was on 08.12.2015.We want to thank you very much from our family! All your team! Andrei is the wonderful person who very clearly executes his work!Real professional of business!I want to say many thanks to Angelica for excellent make-up! )))
The cameraman for the most wonderful video and for urgency!) and Roman Lutkov for pictures! Guys, you did well!I am wishing you prosperity and successes in your business!Having  addressed to them, your dream could be fulfilled!Thank you very much!And thanks to Prague!))Prague is beautiful in any season)hope, see you soon ))“ Read more

Kristina & EvgenyWedding date: 08/12/2015Wedding in the Old Town Hall

„The thanks do not run out…!!!!))) Our wedding took place in Troy’s castle in Prague on October 8, 2015! The dream turned into reality!!! And this reality surpassed all expectations! This fairy tale was got! I wish to thank from all the heart  the A&A Wedding Agency for excellent consistent job, for pleasure of newlyweds, i.e. us, for such excellent organization of our most main holiday!!!!Andrey, you are high professional of your work, and it is visibly at once as well that you very much love what you do.Many thanks to you for your responsiveness, desire to help, necessary recommendations to make this day unforgettable!!!“
Read more

Yulia & DmitryWedding date: 08/10/2015Wedding in the Troja Château

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