If you dream of a fantastic wedding in Prague, Prague is an ideal place! The gold city, the magic city, the city of hundred towers – these are only the brightest epithets about Prague. You can’t help falling in love with this unique city, and to carry out a wedding in Prague is, probably, a dream of each girl which gets to this mysterious city.

Prague is incredibly multifarious – it has architectural monuments of different eras, and remarkable gardens in which it is so pleasant to have a rest among bright flowers and sprawling trees, numerous and extremely diverse bridges, the uncountable museums and restaurants. This city very harmoniously combines lines and forms of various architectural styles, it attracts also with pleasant climate and beautiful nature – having stretched on both coast of the well-known Vltava River, it surrounded and painted itself with low hills and numerous parks and squares.

Certainly the wedding photoshoot in Prague will present unbelievable photos which will forever chase the most important day of your life.

Prague is a perfect city for a wedding, because here it is possible to find any place for carrying out wedding ceremony. The most popular and affordable venue for a wedding in Prague is the Old Town Hall situated  in the center of gold Prague. Except for Old Town Hall, Prague offers a countless number of other venues– cosy town halls,  charming churches or chapels, where it is possible to carry out both civil and church wedding ceremony. Besides, the wedding in Prague can be carried out in the magnificent palace or a majestic castle or chateau.