C zech Republic is the most visited country in Western Europe. Exactly here every year come million people not only for tourist impressions but also to get married. To have a wedding in Czech Republic  means to get to a unique place where the reality and the fairy tale merged together. Newlyweds from the different countries of the world are attracted by well-groomed embankments, strict churches, cozy small streets, romantic night small streets with ancient lamps. The one who gets to Czech republic, forever falls in love with this improbable country, and having learned about possibility of having a wedding in Czech Republic, at once dreams of wedding ceremony exactly in this place!

Your wedding in Czech Republic can be carried out in one of numerous magnificent castles. This country is rich with castles of various architecture, so each bride will be able to choose that castle which corresponds to her preferences –  this can be the medieval Karlstein castle, the majestic castle of Zbirog, the romantic and gentle Hluboka castle or kingly refined  Dobrish palace. This list is countless, the number of these unique witnesses of last years who are scattered over all country, is estimated not in hundreds but in thousands. Czech Republic always attracted not only newlyweds and tourists, far back in the past it attracted looks of conquerors from the different countries. So kings and aristocrats built here powerful serf complexes, and those of them who wanted to ensure comfortable and magnificent life, built rich palaces. Therefore in Czech Republic as, probably, in no other country, you will be able to visit places which will transfer you to different eras.

Our A&A Wedding Agency will help you to choose such venue for a wedding in Czech Republic in which you will feel really happy! The wedding in a castle or palace of Czech Republic chosen by you will be remembered for the whole life; and you never will regret that you have chosen this country for your wedding! Having chosen the castle in Czech Republic for wedding day, you also need to choose a particular venue for wedding ceremony, a wedding banquet and the first marriage night. The majority of castles in Czech Republic offers variety of possibilities: “open-air” – in a garden or on a lawn in front of the castle, in halls with various furniture and also in a chapel or a church near the castle. For carrying out a wedding banquet there are also some options. In recent times “open-air” receptions become very popular. However having chosen as a venue of a wedding banquet one of halls of the Czech castle, you will plunge into the unique atmosphere of an era of this castle, you will feel like representatives of a royal or aristocratic family. Practically all large castles offer also wedding apartments for newlyweds and rooms for guests of different price level. The wedding in Czech Republic can be organized with various budgets and is capable to satisfy any wishes of future spouses.